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Let's go for coffee - Cà phê nhé!


“Let’s go for coffee” is a verb, a lifestyle, a cultural ritual in Vietnam. 

Once we say “Cà Phê Nhé” to others, we send the inviting hint to share and to be shared. 

It stands for “connecting with other people”, usually happening with a cup of coffee.

We - The Coffee House value and prioritize the value of Human Connection. We hope that The Coffee House will become customer’s 3rd home, where everyone can draw closer, find joy and warm-hearted sharing over a cup of coffee.

Established in 2014, The Coffee House is proud to deliver happiness to more than 100,000 customers every day. With over 2,000 eager-to-learn Homies from 155 stores in 18 provinces and cities across the country and online platforms, we hope to devote ourselves to embark on the journey of ethical coffee-making in Vietnam.

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