The Coffee House

“Let’s go for coffee” is a verb, a lifestyle, a cultural ritual in Vietnam. 

Once we say “Cà Phê Nhé” to others, we send the inviting hint to share and to be shared. 

It stands for “connecting with other people”, usually happening with a cup of coffee.

We - The Coffee House value and prioritize the value of Human Connection. We hope that The Coffee House will become customer’s 3rd home, where everyone can draw closer, find joy and warm-hearted sharing over a cup of coffee.

Established in 2014, The Coffee House is proud to deliver happiness to more than 100,000 customers every day. With over 2,000 eager-to-learn Homies from 155 stores in 18 provinces and cities across the country and online platforms, we hope to devote ourselves to embark on the journey of ethical coffee-making in Vietnam.

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The Coffee House's Products

Seedcom Fashion Group

Seedcom Fashion Group (SFG) currently operates fashion brands such as Juno, Hnoss and new multi-brand model WeStyle.

With the view to becoming a leading fashion technology company, SFG promises to bring holistic experiences to customers, from New Retail retail model (Juno, Hnoss), to personalized stylist services at WeStyle. Hence, SFG aspires to bring millions of Vietnamese women to the latest fashion trends, but still inherit their own fashion language.

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Juno is a brand for fashion lover, made from the sophistication and understanding of Vietnamese women. Juno want to bring the fashion breath closer to every vietnamese women. At Juno, you can find high-quality fashion products of international standards, diverse and sophisticated designs at affordable prices.

Juno's products always endow women with confidence, shine with a distinct and impressive fashion style. Since then, Juno wishes to become a close-knit companion with Vietnamese women shining on every journey of life.



HNOSS is a women's fashion brand inspired by Asian women with a soft and graceful curve. HNOSS is named after the goddess Hnoss with graceful beauty - the name given to the most beautiful and precious things in the world; that is also the wish to all Vietnamese women.

HNOSS respects the diversity of women, with not only elegant, modern but also energetic looks, to bring confidence and comfort every day.


Hnoss's Products


Kingfoodmart is a supermarket chain specializing in providing fresh, high-quality, safe and essential food, household goods, fully serving the daily needs of your family. Not only stopping at providing fresh food every day, we want to capture and inspire the Vietnamese people about an exciting and quality life through food.
With Kingfoodmart, let's make our lives full of new, colorful, fun and sharing experiences, connecting loved ones and friends through family-meals.

Vision: Inspire the Vietnamese people about a quality, healthy and fun life.

Mission: Vietnam's No.1 supermarket chain in the mid-range segment by 2025, known to consumers as a retailer providing high-quality food and consumer goods solutions with 500 stores nationwide.

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Established in March 2014, Haravan is a technology platform that provides multi-channel sales solutions for small and medium-sized businesses and online entrepreneurs.

As a strategic technology partner of Facebook, Google, Amazon, Tiktok, etc in Vietnam, Haravan brings a unified solution for managing sales on multiple channels into a single management centre from online to offline: Website, Facebook, Zalo, chain stores or e-commerce platforms, helping customers transform their business and optimize multi-channel business.


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Haravan's Products

New Retail CPG

New Retail CPG was established in 2020 with a focus on Quality, Speed, and Trendiness; producing, importing and distributing new brands of consumer goods that are famous in Vietnam and around the world; applying breakthrough technologies in the supply of consumer products and bringing unseen experiences to the Vietnamese people in the digital age.


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New Retail CPG's Products

Not just a drink. It's a life style

Tearoma is a new tea brand for the youth. With the mission of bringing a healthy living style to the young consumers, Tearoma makes the tea drinking experiences complete with qualified tea sources, which bring the strong tea taste and exquisite aroma, along with the trendy approach to the youth via a total product mix.


Tearoma's Products

The number 1 goat milk worldwide
Kabrita is the number 1 goat milk brand in the world, belonging to the Nutrition group Ausnutria with a presence in 44 countries around the globe. New Retail CPG Company, with an innovative business model, development potential, dynamism and creativity in technology, understanding of the market and customer-centric mindset, is the strategic partner of Ausnutria Group to distribute exclusively Kabrita brand in Vietnam. 
With the mission of bringing high-quality nutritional products, contributing to the future of Vietnamese children with healthy digestive systems, Kabrita Goat Milk and New Retail CPG are committed to accompanying partners, bringing Kabrita goat milk products with the best quality to Vietnamese consumers nationwide.

Kabrita's Products